Malvern Artists Society
1297 High Street Malvern


14/04/2016 | 6PM – 9PM


14/04/2016 | 6PM – 9PM
15/04/2016 | 6PM – 9PM
16/04/2016 | 6PM – 9PM


My art is a reflection of my life experienced as an Australian Expat, living in Hong Kong. With such contrasting landscapes and cultures, my art contemplates the juxtaposition of these countries, both of which I am proud to call home. As an observer, I hope to share with you the passion I feel for both settings – the colourful city that is Hong Kong and the sparse yet bountiful landscapes of Australia. The merging of these foundations has led me to this collection – busy and crowded, yet with an obvious order, repetitive layers of vibrant colour;a true expression of my life.